What’s the Difference:
Political Mail Vs. Election Mail

We often hear the terms political mail and election mail used interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between the two. Here is a quick rundown on the differences between them.



Election Mail is an item mailed to or from authorized elections officials that enables citizens to vote. These types of mail pieces are specific to the election process and the addressee in terms of voting information. Examples of Election Mail include voter registration cards, polling location information, absentee ballots and applications, ballot materials, and other items related to the election process.



Political Mail is any material mailed for a political campaign by a registered political candidate, campaign committee, or committee of a political party. These types of mail pieces can range from endorsements or information on particular candidates to pushes for specific initiatives and registration information for a political party.

The differences between Political Mail and Election Mail also apply to how these pieces are processed. Qualifying for and correctly identifying your mailing as Election or Political Mail comes with several benefits. It gives you access to specific Election and Political Mail tags that mark your mail as a high priority and affords advantages for handling requirements, ensuring your mail arrives quickly and efficiently. Since Political Mail is considered marketing material, candidates and parties send out more mail than authorized election officials. If your mailers are mis-marked, your pieces could get tied up if they are flagged as the wrong type of mail.