The Largest Cut-Size Digital Press is Available at DPG

The HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press produces the most comprehensive range of commercial applications with breakthrough print quality, high productivity, and broad versatility. Equipped with an HD imaging system, it doubles the resolution of outputs while still exceeding the offset quality. Prints produced on the HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press are of the highest quality available, and it has a print speed of 4600 sheets/hr at 812 dpi. This allows for an increase in productivity and a faster turnaround time. It can print oversized paper up to 29.5 x 20.8 inches, the largest cut-size digital paper on the market. It offers the widest color gamut in digital printing, including invisible inks, allowing you to embed code words or security on images on paper.

The HP Indigo 12000 offers an offset printing feel to maximize the quality without losing the digital capabilities. It can print on virtually any medium, from coated to uncoated, and anything from light-colored paper to black paper and paperboard. Use the full 29-inch sheet to print various commercial print jobs like high-impact posters, folders, oversized books, specialty products, and more.

At DPG, we proudly offer our HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press as an option for your printing needs. Call us today to learn what we can do for you.